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Graphics, design, logo design, web design


A strong brand in words & imagery

Every company is the pride of the people behind it. Therefore, you should not settle for less than the very best if your company is to be given a new face. The corporate design reflects your company, the know-how and the efficiency. The development of the corporate design is one of the most important services of our advertising agency. Corporate design guidelines for your company ensure that your public appearance is perceived at a consistently high level. They are the basis for all further artwork and are professionally planned and implemented by us. Because the uniform appearance strengthens every company internally and externally.


Logo & Corporate Design

Distinctive, timeless, memorable

An easily recognizable, clear logo, a concise figurative or word mark expresses the independence of your company recognizably at first glance. We have been designing logos for many years or expanding the concept of an existing logo design to meet the requirements of the future. We create solutions that clearly communicate your corporate concept, that anchor themselves in the viewer's memory and that speak a clear language.


Corporate Design Guidelines for OCRA Worldwide

Development of a manual with complete CI guidelines with associated data material: logo, fonts, layout templates for A4 catalog pages, advertisements in various formats. By defining and prescribing the layout templates in the form of a binding CI specification, the goal of making the company's future external presentation clearer and more uniform was achieved.

(Kopie 3)


ORAGO Software & Consulting

For this client we designed: The logo, various brochures, a TYPO3-based website, infographics, the software packaging and the entire business stationery. Through KUERTEN DESIGN a consistent and well thought-out concept was created to make the complex business purpose attractive and understandable.